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About Us

Our Philosophy

Every day as hundreds of experienced engineers around the world retire – the valuable knowledge they have acquired over decades of working – retires with them. This is an international knowledge crisis. Over thirty plus years of working (through the books and videos you find on this page) we have striven to pass this knowledge along to the younger generation. And we do this in small bite size learning chunks targeted to specific product safety and hardware design areas.

Our Story

Kervill built a consulting business to provide “Simple Solutions for Common Design and Regulatory Problems” to manufacturers of all sizes.

In addition to international compliance his companies provide Training and Learning tools to support Managers, Designers, Compliance Engineers, and most importantly of Engineering Students across the world.

Kervill wrote the original Examination for NARTE Product Safety Engineers and worked with NARTE for 5 years to create that certification; he was a Founding Board Member of the IEEE Product Safety Society and promoted to Senior Member of the IEEE in 2013.

His books, DVD’s, and other media provide the knowledge necessary to implement simple solutions to problems.

He does this using his extensive design and regulatory expertise, plus a little humor to reinforce lessons and to provide relief in what other authors present as a dull and boring subject.


Next Steps…

Please take a minute to review the books and other products featured on this site and checkout our sister company’s video channel, Phoenix Technical Group, on YouTube.

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